An Intuitive App that
Changes the Way
People Get Help

You can’t help someone
if you don’t know the full story…

But in today’s fast-paced world, people who want to make a difference often struggle keeping track of their patients, clients or students. It’s even harder to determine root-cause issues with limited interaction. C3S is an intelligent app that leverages technology to improve community services…allowing people and providers to connect more quickly, communicate more efficiently and locate the resources needed to move more people from poverty to self-sufficiency.  Read more..

Imagine the possibilities if you could easily…


Know the Back Story

When you know someone’s full history, you can connect them to services they may not even know they need, fostering resiliency and expending healing. That is why the C3S intake process generates resiliency and ACE scores for coordinated health and social care management for each person.

Regularly Connect with Clients

Virtually mentor an at-risk kid, have regular check-ins through SMS or instant messaging, easily group text about meet-ups or free resources. Every interaction — even virtual — increases a person’s social capital and provides encouragement and accountability.

Create Dynamic Partnerships

C3S empowers teachers, social workers, case workers and health care providers to partner together, finding and allocating resources to help people become upwardly mobile. Within the app you can make referrals in seconds, track progress on the dashboard and securely send information via a HIPAA-compliant share feature.

Who is using C3S?

Social Care

Understand the full picture, then use C3S as a community platform to help every aspect of a person’s well-being, including referrals to mental health providers or career counselors. More accurate data and tracking makes you agile to respond to clients’ needs and funding opportunities, as well as identify trends to enhance future services. 

Health Care

Even the best modern medicine can’t help a person living in a food desert or violent neighborhood. Integrate C3S with electronic medical records for a complete care manager software solution. Help patients connect to social care to address things like malnutrition, early childhood intervention or abuse.

Schools & Churches

An educator’s impact often extends beyond the classroom. With a C3S profile, teachers, administrators or counselors can more easily connect students with local nonprofits or agencies. Churches can use it for community outreach programs, partnering with other churches to leverage impact.


Every client interaction plus a comprehensive physical and mental health profile are securely stored within C3S’s cloud-based platform – accessible by any computer or device. No more digging for data, no more silos within your organization or even your community. A HIPAA-compliant feature allows you to share important information with partners and across teams. More accurate data enables you to quickly identify community needs, track trends and report outcomes.


Step 1
Get the App

Immediately start collecting meaningful data through point-of-service interactions, promoting to your clients for personal use, or manual entry by your staff.

Step 2
Invite Others to Join

Invite employees, clients and other organizations to create their own profile and connect with you. Create your own hyper-local/hyper-effective network.

Step 3
Streamline Your Services

A HIPAA – compliant feature allows the client to securely share information with you or partner agencies. A client’s full history – including interactions with you – is in one centralized and encrypted location. Spend time helping people, not doing paperwork.

What others are saying…

C3S is changing the way social and health care providers connect with their clients and community partners. See what they’re saying:

Karin Maney

Executive Director of Community Building Institute Middletown, Inc.

We are using a family-centered service model, and C3S helps us understand how each family is being served. C3S APP helped us to implement data collection tools at kiosks throughout the organization’s dispersed service locations. Using cloud-based C3S solutions, the organization’s entire team can now enter, track, and share client information within one convenient tool as families navigate through their full menu of services and supportive programs. As CBI prepares to respond to individual grant funding requests, C3S provides simple and effective ways to combine and analyze data across its major program areas and to parse specific program and client details out to identify outcomes and track needs.

Will Parsons

Data Coordinator for the RISE After
School Program

C3S helps us track data for clients and program areas within one simple tool that everyone on our team can access. Keeping data all in one place helps us better connect individuals and families with the help they need. When we identify partner organizations that can also help our clients, we can share important information to help them target their support where it is needed most.

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