How It Works

A person’s environment greatly impacts their health, also known as social determinants of health. Acting as care management software, C3S connects patients, healthcare and social care providers with a single, holistic solution. Technology breaks through geographic and socioeconomic barriers, empowering people to find the help they need, and providers to better understand how they can help.
Benefits Of Health And Social Care

Step 1

Mary reaches out to Katie’s organization for help, either in-person, over the phone or through the C3S app.

Step 2

Katie walks Mary through the C3S intake questionnaire, which generates a future health risk and ACE score. Katie is able to offer care that is proactive rather than reactive.

Health Tracking Software
Coordinated Care Network

Step 3

The C3S referral process takes seconds. Katie can search for agencies in the area, refer Mary, securely send her full history, and communicate with partner agencies — all through the app.

Step 4

With the Personal Help Dashboard, Mary knows exactly what to do next. Both Katie and Mary can see responses in real-time and follow up if there are any problems.

Coordinated Care Health Network
Hipaa Compliant Features

Step 5

Every interaction is tracked within C3S so that Mary and her entire care team are on the same page. Communication is seamless through in-app SMS text or instant messaging.

Laptop, Android, iOS compatible


Intuitive, easy to use

Medicine isn’t always the cure

Treating diabetes is good. Empowering a person to eat a healthier diet through education and assistance is better. A busy health practitioner doesn’t usually have time to address or sometimes even uncover social issues, which is why partnerships are critical to improving health in the US. C3S acts as a community platform, improving both communication and accountability among everyone involved.

In the US,

  • 96% of the population own a cell phone of some kind 96% 96%
  • 81% own a smartphone 81% 81%

3 Functions in One

Urgent Care Software

For low income patients, healthcare often begins in the emergency room. Through C3S, a nurse or doctor can refer someone to a nonprofit or agency. Social workers can then oversee the process.

Social Community Platform

It takes multiple agencies working together to help lift someone out of poverty, and communication is essential. C3S allows agencies to have better access to their patients as well as each other.

Community Service Programs

C3S is a powerful database for nonprofit organizations, allowing them to track which services are needed. They can also easily communicate their impact to donors for better funding opportunities.


>>Promote Self-Sufficiency

People can search for the help they need, fill out paperwork ONCE, then securely send it to the corresponding health and social care services — all from the comfort of their own home.

>>Improve Healthcare

Automating the social and health care process makes it more efficient to serve more people. Tracking encourages accountability, preventing people from slipping through the cracks.

>>Build Resilience

One of the most effective ways to improve wellness is by teaching resilience. Early intervention and a supportive environment are crucial, which is why C3S uses AI technology to help forecast future health risks. In-app communication provides instant, easy communication when face-to-face interactions aren’t possible.